Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We're Home!!!

So nice to be home!!! I know I didn't really do a great job of keeping people posted the last half of the trip but things got seriously busy and there was only time for sleep, besides the internet was iffy most of the time. SO! I will update this week as my schedule allows and will try to put together a couple more slide shows that summarize the end of our trip. So much was going on that it was really fun to listen to people naming off highlights over the phone on the ride home. I wasn't even aware of half the stuff going on there were so many events happening simultaneously! So everyone knows, we are all home safe and sound. Nobody got seriously sick (food or water) just a couple of colds. My friend Harry Davidson is successfully past his first surgery and will be looking at at least one more next week. There is an update page you can join on facebook if you like. Today is the last day of March and that means 14 more days to do my taxes! I can't help but wonder how everyone's first day back went. Kinda weird not having everyone around 24/7. My 14 hour day ended FINALLY, I actually downed an energy drink for the first time ever and felt like I was interpreting on crack! It was awesome till I hit the wall 2 hours too early. Now I know why all the guys were drinking 4 and 5 every day in Mexico! Anyway, tomorrow is another early day. More later :)

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