Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day Three Continued and day 4 :)

Wow! So much has happened today (Day 4) that I can hardly remember Day 3! So back to yesterday which was only Monday, believe it or not, we got a late start. The showers here are ice cold. There is coffee in the mornings so I cant complain. The girls and I practiced puppets in the sun, it's really starting to look good and they are very entertaining, I'm just praying our CD holds out cause it was skipping a lot. Getting to the church the guys went to work on their respective projects and the women began to sort all the donated soccer gear and the goodies for the women's tea on Friday. At one point, Pastor Frumencio and another kid, who were airing up the soccer balls, started laughing real hard, then after like 5 mins they were still laughing and even though we didnt know why, it made us laugh even harder when Frumencio started whooting and laughing like a gril and then people started to come looking what is all the fuss about and they would start laughing, I still have no idea what we were all laughing about but my stomach muscles hurt today and I'm sure its from our 30 min laugh fest. PV asked Frumencio if he knew of any Deaf people he could talk to. He said yes he knew one and would get him here, later he came back and said I have good news and bad news. Bad news, cant get ahold of the guy, good news there is a deaf school 5 mins from here and you are speaking there tomorrow at 10 am. PV's mouth dropped open and just exploded to life, I know this is what he had been waiting for, to love on people just like him. He thought he might meet one or two but to be invited to a deaf school? AND he was alowed to talk about God? We were so excited! PV and Tom did an amazing job fixing the mud job upstairs in the children's ministry rooms. I helped mud the screw holes and then I handed one of the mexican kids a sander and we sanded out both rooms, then the girls and I put the first layer of paint on. At first I was working with a 2" roller. Then one of the big rollers handle broke and was discarded so I grabbed that one and worked with no handle LOL!!! At least it covered more ground! Anyway, we thought we had gotten a great deal when we bought 5 gallons of paint for $8 but when we put it on, we realized WHY it was only $8, it was so thin it didnt really cover anything. After that Tom was so kind as to come back to La Sombre and turn on the hot water heater for us girls, we were whiter than the walls! It was so nice to have a hot shower. It was also nice to come home to the smell of Chicken Fajita's! Judy really out did herself and Leslie chopped a ton of veggetables! There were even left overs and I had them for breakfast :) Judy make's great authentic mexican food having grown up here and we are going to look for a blender today so she can make us real salsa. She made a mexican egg dish this morning...it smelled great! I'm jumping around! Anyway, after dinner and showers some of us went to watch the church men's team play soccer. It was so fun and SO COLD! Pastor Frumencio is such a crack up, he brought a bull horn and blew a siren for every goal. He would yell "kick it even if it isnt even close!" or "We gotta goal but we're still hungry!" or "careful there son dont kick it to the stars!" It was hilarious. Sergio would interpret for us. I went home and fell in bed not sure why I was sooo tiered. This morning I woke up and could hardly move. I'm embarrassed to say I don't think my body is used to working like that! Nobody got much sleep last night, poor Jordan is so sick and her cough sounds horrible. Tony's knee is not doing well either (he just had surgery 2 weeks ago for a torn miniscus) He is working through the pain and hoping to get done with his part today so he can take the rest of the week off. This morning we got up "earlier" and got to work. Painting continued, construction continued, soccer registration started, I called home and heard about Harry's accident. Please pray for my dear friends Harry and Judy in Alaska. Harry was hit by a dead tree leaning on a tree he was cutting down, he is in critical till the swelling goes down enough to do what ever surgery is needed to put him back together again. He's got a nice head injury, something wrong with his esophigus and crushed his back. He is in and out and I'm sure my mom and dad are a great comfort to them both. I wish I could give them a squeeze but my prayers will have to do for now. God knows I love them. Anyway, after dad and I hung up the team gathered round and prayed for Harry and Judy and then we were off to the deaf school. I dont even know where to begin. The look on their faces was priceless, they were enrapped with PV, a deaf american, who goes to university and who loved them enough to come all the way to their classroom to tell them so and an interpreter who has no deaf family that "just learned" sign and came all the way to their classroom. It was such a blessing just to make them feel so special. They were all hugs and questions and smiles. It was hard to go, I could have stayed and played all day. We exchanged signs and emails. I hope we get to go again before we leave. I think all were blessed by this meeting. On the way home, one of the hispanic women who went with us told us that it was her brother who was Deaf but was embarrased to come to the church. PV and I will go to her home and visit with him. They live a block from the church! Who knew! Back to work :)

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