Monday, March 16, 2009

The Begining

Well, here it is. 2009 and I've finally broken down and learned how to blog. This is the best way I know how to keep all of you, whom I love very much, in the know on how my life is going. Since I'm gearing up for a great year of new adventures, I figure this is the best way to keep one and all up to date.

So, what does this year hold for me? I said adventures and I meant it in the most broad terms. This means everything from traveling here and abroad to having my very first book published. There is so much to do and we are nearing the end of the first quarter, so first things first TAXES!! All of you who are laughing because you know me and paper work, no worries, I have not let you down, I still haven't done them. But before I get ahead of myself, lets look back at last year and catch you up to date.

2008 was a year. Yep, lots happened, I will just touch on the stuff that still impacts me today, ie my most lovable familia :) In January my entire immediate family, minus grandchildren went on the HCI Cruise. Awesome! Yes, chalk up another sunburn for Jen and tans around for the rest of the family BUT now I have a brother in law that burns like me so I was not alone. Spring break I went with my friend Sara Martin back to Lopez Island and toured the San Juans and took a side trip to Victoria BC. My dear friend Lane from the marina was home and we met his daughter Brittany who upon hearing we were going to Victoria joined in the fun. The stories are hilarious, the pictures are amazing, I wish I could say more. Two weeks later I took a trip to South Carolina, and then 2 weeks after that I moved out of my cute little apartment into a huge house with my lovely roomates Sara Martin (texas) and Rosemary Tracy (alaska) AND left for Alaska. Yes, it all happened that fast. Buddy and I spent the next 5 months working for IHS Construction, back behind the wheel of my favorite FORD pulling a trailer and earning the nickname "4 ton Jen." Why? Well here is the other exciting part. My baby sister Margaret got married to this great guy Zach. We all moved home, yes I mean all, Kara, Rusty and the kids included. It was quite a summer, minus the rain, it was pretty darn awesome. It included a massive family fishing trip one week before the wedding. A trecherous hike over Crow Creek Pass, and a Llama trek with my mom, Aunt Coleen and Cousin Brenna. So yes I eventually decided it was time to return home in the middle of September. And the fun just didn't stop there. My friend Jenny Dodd and I went and had an Apple Weekend at the farm. We picked, pressed and pureed! I really enjoyed the time with Nana, and the fellowship while sitting by the fire. Overwhelmed by Granddaddy's lingering presence, I jotted some thoughts down and shared them with Jenny. Needless to say, I submitted them to Tate Publishing and promptly forgot about it. October, November, December! They all just flew by! Kara gave me another Neice around thanksgiving time. Evangeline Moyra joined our family. Mom bought me a ticket home for Christmas. Thus my 6th month in Alaska began with a phone call from Tate. Yes they wanted to publish my book.

That brings us to 2009!

I decided I wanted Aunt Beth to illustrate my book so we started working on gathering paintings, scanning and getting ideas for missing pictures etc. We just submitted the pictures today just in time for the April 1st deadline. That will start the production process, editing and whatever else that entails. I will keep you all up to date as it happens.

The women on my mom's side of the family decided to take a trip to France. I decided to extend my stay, since I'm going I might as well see some places I've always wanted to see. SO! Nana, Barbie, Tawni, Mom, Kara, Evie, Lu, Margaret, Beth, Coleen, Brenna and I are headed to the region of Provance on June 16th (Happy Birthday to me!) I will keep you posted.

Now for more recent events. We had a mini Ecola Reunion at my house a couple of weekends ago. We gathered for home made pizza and fellowship. SO good to see old friends and the kids WOW, 8 total, oh the insanity! It felt so much like old home goup nights, I loved it! I hope we do it again and not 15 years down the road, AND I hope more will find us and join us. We had Shane and Aaron Gray and their 4 kids, Buzz, Adam and his girlfriend and her daughter, Rob Rainwater, and Liz!!! yes Elizabeth Woods now Anderson found me on facebook right before it all happened so she brought her three kids. Praying for her hubby in Iraq and his safe return.

Last but not leaset!!! I am going on a Mexico Mission trip as a team member/volunteer Interpreter (ASL not Spanish!!!) leaving Friday March 20th. We have so much to do and so little time while we are there! Nothing like tackling the impossible in Gods name to prove He is possible right? So here are the goals so you can be praying: Drive to San Luis Rio Colorado (Friday-Saturday), Construction (plumbing, wiring, drywall, mud and taping, painting, installing fixtures Sunday-Thursday maybe Saturday), Soccer Tournament (expecting 450 participants, Monday thru Saturday), Women's Tea (Wednesday-during construction), Marriage Conference (40 couples Thursday and Friday), Childrens Ministry (every night), Pastors Leadership Conference (Saturday) Big End Event Saturday night, Drive Home (Sunday-Monday). There it is folks, there are 22 of us going! If we have internet I will keep you posted. Otherwise look for an update when I get back. Someday, I'm going to learn how to download photos to this thing too!

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