Friday, September 25, 2009

A Week of Searching

Well it has been a good, hard, exhausting, exasperating, exhilarating, informative, frustrating, sweet and very long week. We have seen 8 homes in varying distances, south Eugene to Albany and Lacomb. My Garmin wouldn't even find Lacomb. We got lost on back country roads, interviewed many interesting people, gathered good but sometimes vague information, cried, laughed, coughed (I'm on antibiotics!) talked, thought, drove, slept and calculated and now it's decision making time. Bill arrives today to visit the last two homes with us and dad arrives tomorrow morning. The boys will help grandma break the news to grandpa and then next week the chosen home will interview and move grandpa before the first of October. It is definitely crunch time.

Starting next week, I return to my work interpreting up in Portland for PSU and Sorenson. I also will be moving into the house I rented and getting myself settled for the winter. I have many fun things planned for October, the terp crew is getting together, Coleen and Brenna and her friend Breanna are going to come stay the night for a night on the town and then working on the yard and gardens before winter sets in. Cindy and I are planning on a girls night once she gets moved back up from Kalamath Falls mid October and then of course it's Halloween, a time of harvesting and sweets.

Marketing called...I missed their call and that will tell me what comes next. Looks like my books will cost $8.99 or $9.99 (they've told me two different prices) As soon as we have a publish date anyone can start ordering books online. As I know more I will post it here so keep checking back!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Capris Watermelon Salad

This is a bit of heaven if you dare to try!

Dice Watermelon
Dice Tomatoes
Dice Fresh Mozzarella
Slice Red Onion
Chop Fresh Basil
Toss together and drizzle Balsamic Reduction over the top.

Balsamic Reduction
Equal parts balsamic vinegar and sugar reduced in sauce pan to a syrup mixture.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I have in my hand...

...A book called "Granddaddy's Hands"

It is the final draft before sending it to print. I'm just slow on the sending it back! When I do, it will be 4 weeks and hopefully I will learn how to order them! So maybe around Thanksgiving I will officially be a published author. It's a very exciting and nerve wracking time. It still makes me cry.

Grandma is getting better, we are still getting lots done. Today was the clothes closet..Ahhhh!!! She needs to come help me with mine now! Speaking of, I've rented a house in a great part of Portland, 2 minuets from downtown. I get to start moving in October 1st. There is still much to be done at Grandma's so the timing is great. Now she wants to wash sand and paint the deck. All smiles here! We did have an unfortunate event happen while we were sleeping. Someone slashed all the tires on two tractors, one lawn mower and the old pickup truck in the shed out back. It's becoming near to impossible to find tires to fit the trucks old rims and to replace one of the tractors rear tires we have to order them from Japan since they are not produced or distributed any more!!! They are $750 a piece! What one learns when taking care of their grandma!

Grandpa turned 86 with 2 parties! It was a lot of fun and a lot of work. There were so many family members there and TONS of food. Grandma still hasn't decided what to do with grandpa other than come to the conclusion that taking care of him at home is not an option. We have been bringing him to church on Sundays and this time proved to be too much. Now the solution, we have till October 3rd to get it figured out. He is so cute too, he is happy and busy and loves it when we visit but still wants to know when he can come home. This is not an easy or nice decision but that's life..."sticky." It brings out the worst in people...and the best:

It was a lot of fun to hear grandpa singing and wheezing through the hymns at church. To watch grandma grab for his hands, inspect his nails and hold onto what's left of their long life together. I've never seen this side of my grandpa and as he forgets all his worries in life, I'm learning who this man is uninhibited. He is beautiful. I'm learning who this woman is as she fights through the quagmire of dementia and what's left of her life focused on caring for a beautifully complicated man. She is courageous.

Maybe in a couple of years I will see more positives in this experience but for now I will hold onto his funny comments and beautiful smile and the small glimpses of their 60 years of love for each other.