Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let the work begin!

This day was quite amazing in a million ways. For one we got up early! Crazy, I know. I woke up at 5 and was up and ready at 7am! We began our day with a visit to the church to unload the trailer full of goodies and supplies and see what we were up against. Upon arriving, we met Pastor Frumencio and his family. Of course our interpreters hadn't arrived yet so it was fun gesturing and using what little Spanish we could collectively recall. The little boys really took a liking to Erin because she played soccer with them. Unfortunately, games were cut short by the gusts of wind that got up to 40+ mph! They were still asking for her at 9pm tonight. At the church we gathered in a circle and I gave a little Deaf Culture 101. It was hilarious, I had them do this experiment where everyone at the same time had to turn to their right, and tap the person, wait for them to look them in the eyes and then say, "Welcome to Mexico!" Even though they said it was really hard, they passed with flying colors and I've noticed a huge difference in the way they communicate with PV. We prayed over the project and then directly got to work. I'm serious when I say not 15 minutes later there was a wall up between the soon to be kitchen and computer rooms. PV and Michelle went upstairs and started working on finishing mudding and taping the children"s ministry room. The girls and I started sketching for the mural that will go on the walls. A group tried to leave and go grocery shopping when we realized that after unloading the trailer, we lost the keys to the van and trailer. Someone grabbed a sawzall and proceeded to cut the Master Locke off the trailer so we didn't have to tow it around anymore. After a long search, we gave up and went to lunch at our favorite taco stand instead. Then we went shopping for food and paint and other materials. While at the electrical/plumbing store, Tom lost the keys again, only this time he found a hole in his pocket and they were hanging out in the bottom of his shorts. We still haven't found the first set of keys (a concern for prayer) but we have found the source of the problem. Getting back to the church us girls decided to go back to La Sombre (a place of rest) and practice puppets for Children's World. It was so entertaining! It takes way more arm strength than any of us really have. Kudos to all you puppeteers! After a very yummy dinner of spaghetti thanks to Michelle, we started wondering where in the world the men were! They finally got home around 9pm only to eat and head back to the church for more. PV ran out of Mud and so they got back around 11:30. He showed me some pics of how much they got done. Its insane! the wiring is in, the plumbing is in, all the walls are up. For not thinking we would start until tomorrow, we are well on our way. Thank God for the extra day and the extra strength we shouldn't have had! Now it's midnight so I'm gonna post this and hit the hay! More to come tomorrow :) Good night and God Bless!

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