Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day Five - Still Alive!!!

Day 5!
Today was a creative day, we painted the children and adult ministry rooms. The room is so bright and cheery. The kids came upstairs at one point and got so excited! One boy said, "Oh! It's so beautiful!!!" I wanted to cry. I got to put serveral verses, including my life verse in Spanish on the walls. It was really messy and fun. Everyone is very tiered, but the upstairs is officially done and the downstairs is being painted as I type this. Tomorrow we will start hanging cabinets counters and installing appliances and fixtures. After I was done painting "graffiti" the upstairs, I went to photograph the soccer players. The kids were great, I got hit a couple of times, had my eye in the camera and not on the ball! I got some sun but no sun burn, yea! There was a bit of miscommunication this evening, when we got home, everyone was dressed up and went to youth group and held a "purity event." Some people didn't even know it was dinner time. I was paint and dirt head to toe and needed a quiet spot in my day so 4 of us stayed home and had a quiet evening. We are all feeling more refreshed and the group came back and said it was awesome. I got to skype mom and dad tonight, we had a bad connection but between mom fingerspelling and . Sounds like Harry has a long road ahead of him but he has a great surgeon (same one dad had) and is getting a pair of rods (just like dad) next weekend. We are praying for the best possible outcome, just like dad's, but Judy and Harry are just greatful to still have him alive and are okay with whatever the outcome is. A man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

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