Monday, October 12, 2009

So here's the story

So I've been in Portland for 2 weeks now. First week was taking care of the Garret kids and getting back into my work mode. I had been sick for a while but figured the antibiotics were kicking in and I was getting better. No such luck. By the end of the week I was so much worse and found myself looking at a weekend of moving with my mom (lucky me!) who was also unfortunately sick my nana and my two pairs of muscled men ditched me last minute. When I got the keys to the place on Thursday night the place was so dirty there was no way I could move my stuff in, new game plan, I called mom and nana if they would go straight to the house in the morning to start cleaning, Cindy had asked if I needed help in the morning so she and Ian jumped on board and I called Eric to see if he could help. Unfortunately he came down with something as well so Uncle Paul stepped up to the plate. Mom and Nana, Cindy and Ian and Uncle Paul came to my rescue! With out the fve of them it would have been impossible. So I moved in and the next week began, still sick! After litterally blowing though a huge box of lotion kleenex, I hit the weekend wanting to sleep. Of course we started with Friday night, the big ASL Comedy night at was a hit, 500+ people showed up for the event, it was a smashing success, I saw so many old friends and lets just say on many levels was an inspirational experience. I got to bed at 1am smiling and exhausted. I spent the next day in bed and that night went to Shane and Christy Lambings to watch the new 007 movie with Christy. I ended up staying the night, and sleeping most of the next day. I talked to Tom for a bit who had just finished up a week of forced vaccation and then Jacquie came over Sunday night and we tried one of the Pubs on Mississippi Ave. Bratworst with horseradish sauce, definitely cleared my sinuses for a few minuets. It was so good to just sit and chat in the comfort of my own place with a friend. And then surprise surprise I went back to bed. Now I'm awake even though I'd rather still be in bed and have a Doctor's appointment at 3:30 (Lucky me!) and my evening gig cancled so I'll be back in bed soon. I hate going to the doctor with a cold, I am always afraid they are going to phoophooey me and send me home to rest. But it's been 5-6 weeks now so, I'm kinda tiered of being sick. So here I go...

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