Friday, September 25, 2009

A Week of Searching

Well it has been a good, hard, exhausting, exasperating, exhilarating, informative, frustrating, sweet and very long week. We have seen 8 homes in varying distances, south Eugene to Albany and Lacomb. My Garmin wouldn't even find Lacomb. We got lost on back country roads, interviewed many interesting people, gathered good but sometimes vague information, cried, laughed, coughed (I'm on antibiotics!) talked, thought, drove, slept and calculated and now it's decision making time. Bill arrives today to visit the last two homes with us and dad arrives tomorrow morning. The boys will help grandma break the news to grandpa and then next week the chosen home will interview and move grandpa before the first of October. It is definitely crunch time.

Starting next week, I return to my work interpreting up in Portland for PSU and Sorenson. I also will be moving into the house I rented and getting myself settled for the winter. I have many fun things planned for October, the terp crew is getting together, Coleen and Brenna and her friend Breanna are going to come stay the night for a night on the town and then working on the yard and gardens before winter sets in. Cindy and I are planning on a girls night once she gets moved back up from Kalamath Falls mid October and then of course it's Halloween, a time of harvesting and sweets.

Marketing called...I missed their call and that will tell me what comes next. Looks like my books will cost $8.99 or $9.99 (they've told me two different prices) As soon as we have a publish date anyone can start ordering books online. As I know more I will post it here so keep checking back!

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  1. Hey, Jen~
    How are things? Sounds like you're getting settled in. How did the other matter turn out that you called me about? I'm glad you all found a good spot for G'pa. I'm excited to read your book. Lots of love to you, Auntie Pillis