Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blustery Fall

Wowza! Fall hit with a monsoon! Wind storm and buckets of rain, kinda reminded me of an Alaskan fall, one day all the leaves were there the next day they were all in my yard. Fall also came with that nasty complimentary cold (ie sinus and broncitus) that took forever to go away. I FINALLY kicked it with the 2nd set of antibiotics, but not after suffering a cracked rib from all the coughing. One week later I ran a stop sign and T-boned the nicest woman ever. She had just dropped off her daughter at school and I had just been honked at for stopping at a no stop sign intersection and luckily nobody got hurt. So my crazy life continues...! I was blessed to have taken my truck to a shop that had a loaner car (rental covereage on your insurance is a good idea...if you're me. I didn't have it.) The seat belt re-injured my rib so that it hurt both front and back. But now I am three weeks out from it and it's starting to improve somewhat, meaning I can sleep through the night, not that my job is allowing that! This week I was working both days and nights (reminder to self, insufficiant sleep is not healthy on any level!) It will pay off eventually :) Last weekend I went to Grandma's and got to spend some time with Grandpa and Uncle Bill and Uncle Dave and Aunty Phyllis. It was so good to just sit in his comfortable room and watch the Duck game. We also got to see Colt and Austin in a puppet performance the night before. I came home to a pumpkin carving, Young Frankenstien, Mulled Wine Party at my friend Abby's place and then finished the weekend off with breakfast at Gravy's with Sara dreaming up all kinds of new adventures. Inspired by travel talk I got through a bunch of boxes and got the basement ready to rent out. Now with a little sleep I will feel like I have a new lease on life. I'm settled in and loving my new little place. (And I do mean little!) Wasabi has decided to become an indoor cat much to my delight and surprise since we are down town and it is a city of 2 million people (and probably twice as many cars!) Buddy has two new cousins, named Blue and Bella, the four sisters officially each have their own dog, which makes me laugh really. Especially when one is a taco bell dog rat terrier mix! (there is something so wrong about this and yet not so surprising!) As for the book it is ready to buy! You can go online to Tate Publishing Inc and order one yourself or wait for me to do a book signing in your area (requests welcome!) I do not have any on hand immediately but hope to by Thanksgiving. I am going home for Christmas and can't wait to be terrorizing Alaskans for almost a month, Dec 15-Jan 6th! Other than that I'm just enjoying the random highlights of living in Portland like finding fresh produce on the onion named stewart and a tomatoe named bob...they were both very yummy :)

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