Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today, anne and baba took us back to the sea.  This time we went right here in Antalya.  The beach was made of pebbles and got deeper very close to shore.  The other beach is more Ege friendly but this one is closer and nicer for swimming and not getting sandy.

I love this spot!!

We woke up very early and drove straight there.  We laid out a Turkish rug next to a bunch of Umbrellas and jumped in.  IT WAS COLD (I mean comparatively).  I think it is the nature of the beach itself, the cold water comes up near the shore and the water warmed by the sun is a little farther out.  I swam out a ways and just floated for a while on my back until I felt maybe my face needed a break from the sun.  Then I swam back in.  This always makes Suha nervous, he says he can’t swim and that it is dangerous but I've seen him float like the best of us and swim short stints that proves differently. 

mountains, umbrellas, showers and changing room

Being in the water is so wonderful, I mean, I’m drenched most of the day anyway, always sticky, mostly pouring sweat at the smallest task, like putting on my shoes.  I drink tons of water but rarely have to go to the bathroom.  Technically water is everywhere!  Humidity is around 85% and the temp for the next three days will be above 40 degrees C, the hottest of the year.  But when you step into the sea, it’s the perfect temperature, takes all your weight off and feels like the best hug EVER!! I didn't think that the water could get much clearer from Kemer but it was!! Suha and I sifted through all the beautiful stones, picking out the prettiest ones to take home.  The pebbles made getting out precarious and I was sad to go but the sun was getting hot and it was time to go hide from it. 

baba wanted to take a picture
baba floating in the sea

We took the scenic route home again, they are still learning Antalya and it changes often.  Traffic as I said before is scary.  People park helter skelter, on sidewalks, in the middle of the road.  There are carts and horses, mopeds, bikes, pedestrians, cats dogs, food carts all within inches of each other.  Streets that seem impassable they dive down praying they make it.  Sometimes getting stuck and having to back out of it!!  I hold my breath and try not to gasp, someday I will get used to it and get my camera out and try to capture it, for now, I’m white knuckled.  When they don’t know where to go, they stop in the middle of the street, Suha would jump out and ask a passerby which way to go, of course everyone stops to help and we usually get two to three different stories about which way to go…typically in opposite directions.  I sat in the back blissfully ignorant to where we were even trying to go.  I kept seeing places we had seen on foot and starting putting things together.  Eventually we came out at home and I asked Suha, I wish you had told me we were going home, I could have gotten us back MUCH faster!  He said surprised, “you knew where we were?”  My iron boogers work here too I guess!!

Anne giving me kisses
One very happy family

We were all so sluggish from the heat and the sea that we all laid down for a nap…5 HOURS LATER!!  Geesh!  This sun really can do a number on you.  We had a late lunch and cleaned up, baba showed me some of the math problem animations he made to demonstrate mathematical rules, we looked through pictures and talked about all my impressions and expectations.  We sat on the balcony and enjoyed the breeze while keeping each other company.  Baris’s family came over and brought us tons of fresh vegetables from his work!!  Tomatoes, Gala apples, peppers, corn!  He brought me some tiny peppers and dared me to take a bite.  “I searched all day especially for these, the smaller they get the hotter they are, you said you like spicy, I want to see what your limit is.” I promptly took the hole pepper in my mouth.  Oh the heat, it comes on slowly and keeps building.  Suha was shaking his head, baba was laughing at the sweat pouring from my forehead.  I really liked it, but yes, it was VERY HOT.  They got me some yogurt to fight the heat.  After they left, I happened to see Luanna online on facebook which lead to a skype conversation with mom and a very happy Alaskan Salmon!!  They got to meet my mom and Suha interpreted for them.  It was a beautiful ending to another amazing day!! I went to sleep smiling.
extremely clear water!!

very hot peppers!!
Lots more good food!!

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