Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lazy Day

Today was a pretty lazy day.  It was a holiday and I thought we were going to town but we woke up ate breakfast and went back to bed.  It was so hot we had the AC on all the time.  We woke up early afternoon.

Playing with Ege and his other Ananne (gma)
Ege and Deniz
Halil took me on a walk to the cami to show me some flowers – they were AMAZING!!  Then he proceeded to take us on a tour of the neighborhood and show us the different fruit trees and flowers and plants.  He named them in Turkish and when I knew them in English I would add a name to the list.  We saw pomogranites bursting open and tasted them.  We saw green Oranges that grown in perfect spheres!  We saw lemon trees and even saw two little green lemons on one.  HUGE grape fruits, everything needs a couple more months before they are all ready to eat.  He showed us some fig trees and then we found a fig tree and he picked one for me to eat!!  So in two days, I went from never having seen a fig before and seeing one in a store to eating one straight from the tree! 

Looking at pictures of my nieces and nephews
Suha and I kept walking while Halil went home to help Suheyla get ready for company.  Baris and Deniz were coming over with Ege and Deniz’s parents.  We had tea and cookies with dried fig, lemon zest, cinnamon and walnuts in them, plus borek and left over sweet ekmek.  It was a lovely night!  We played with all the puzzle gifts I brought.  The block puzzle has been a favorite frustration for everyone.  It is fun to watch them pick it up and try at different times.  Sometimes they help each other.  Mostly they bring it to me and I do it for them.  Last night Deniz was the first to do it on her own!! We all cheered and Ege squealed the loudest and longest.  Tomorrow morning we are going to the sea early in the morning again. 

"a flower in the flowers" ~ Suha

cok guzel! - very beautiful



cami - church

Halil in the beautiful flowers

father son - baba ogul

nar - pomogranite

ekmek firin - bread shop

Melon truck

igde - ???

portakal - orange

Limon - Lemons

incir - fig


independence day turkey style


orgu - knitting the cow stomach pattern

Enjoying a cool breeze on the balcony

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