Thursday, June 24, 2010

Work Work Work

Did I mention the cotton is flying around like nobody's business and it's getting harder and harder to breath? Well it's been a busy week and if it is a sign of whats to come I think there will be some laughs, some tears, some sweat and some fear. So far I have done a little bit of everything, shipping freight, delivering steel, following up on quotes, and running kids around to soccer. My house sitting job finally started on Wednesday but I've been too busy to move in. Monday I basically answered phones and email. Tuesday on the other hand was running to Anchorage, over and over again. Wednesday I cut my hand real good but I'm not posting a picture here. It really didn't hurt until today, now its an annoying pain, but it's a clean cut and should heal up just fine. I also spent Wednesday "advertising" as my mom calls it. Basically I installed (with the help of dad's handy man Sean, who dug almost all the post holes himself) three Arctic Fox took ALL DAY! I also bought a pair of gloves so as NOT to repeat that mornings "oops." After work I went and watched Emma play a double header where she decided head banging and picking clover in the back field was much more interesting than the ball. (I remember feeling the same way in kindergarten, almost as if it was yesterday) On my way home I had an epiphany...I didn't have to go home! So I stopped by Lambings' and had a short visit with Misty and Barb and Marie before they went off to bed. Carrie served me up some of the best current sorbet topped with dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt! She is going to teach me how to make it this fall if the caterpillars don't eat all our plants. After that Carrie and I and Matt went out to Kroons' and sat on the porch watching the sun...go down?? Being as it was the 23rd, and we had lost 24 seconds, I guess we are on the down hill side of summer already and the sun will be setting earlier and I'll stop now before the Alaskans get depressed while reading this. Today is Thursday, I spent the morning following up on quotes, then spent the rest of the day delivering stuff out to Wolf lake...first off this requires a REALLY long heavy trailer. It rides real nice but I was so afraid I'd forgotten how...then I backed right up and first try hooked it up and drove off! Oh yeah! I still got it, grin!! First load was supposed to be two stops one drop, easy peasy lemon squeazy!!! There is no such thing. First load was two crates of windows, picked them up, then noticed down the road that one of my ratchet straps came loose, pulling over, one of the crates almost bailed. I called dad for some 4x4's and help. He said skip pick up number two and do the drop...this requires going through mass road construction (not a smooth ride WHAT SO EVER!!) 5mph or slower and 2 hours later, drop number one was done. The foreman told me that dad had requested I drop the trailer so I did and ran home, only to see dad's jaw hit the floor when I drove up without it...oops! I switched trucks (been using dad's) and loaded a bunch of "C" Channel (bloody steel that cut my hand yesterday) back through road construction at a healthier pace, picked up the trailer but had to drive down the taxi way and airstrip to get it out of the job site. Next stop was pick up number 2 at Greatland Welding. One of the guys came over and said "Wow! Nice trailer! I have trailer envy real bad right now." I had to laugh and tell him it was a lot better than the piece of junk I used to haul around! This one rides nice and smooth...His turn to laugh, "Can't take the tom boy out of the girl now can you!" BACK THROUGH construction (the flaggers are now waving and smiling at my familiar convoy.) Only to find the guys had all gone home! So, I did a refresher course on Forklift 101 and picked the load myself...(I can't believe it but I remembered how to do that too!!) BACK across the airport, through construction and ALMOST home when dad pulled up and said
"Hey, you have a minuet?"
"Hop in and I'll show you the new job site."
So we delivered a forklift out at Hatcher Pass and then went find a car of two kids waiting to go to soccer and no mom...well she was inside disciplining children, so I hopped in and took them to a soccer game, where the ref decided that they were going to play ALL 90 MINUTES!!! (they are only 8 year olds and we haven't had dinner yet!) So after 11 hours of work and a 90 minute soccer game, we FINALLY sat down to dinner!

(why am I blogging at 12:30 am? Because there is no other time!)


  1. Jen, I love you! You sound crazy busy but I hope we can catch up some time soon.

  2. Yeah, tell me about it...I haven't had a moment to myself. I have thought of you multiple times this week and keep vowing to slow down enough to breath and visit friends. I am loving every minute too! We will definitely make time. I love you too, friend!

  3. Hey thanks for taking time to catch us all up. We are living in the motor home across the street from the house at our neighbors. Big move right?. Bluegrass festival at Fossil this weekend loads of fun. Waiting for Gary to get to work.

    Keep up the lines of communication. Will start blogging again soon.

    Love Barbie