Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alaskan Awesomeness!!

So two weeks ago, I decided to spend the summer in Alaska. Since then life has changed drastically. I found a renter, stopped taking interpreting jobs and started cleaning and packing. The yard is beautiful and the house immaculate. Mom came to visit and the party began! She landed and it was one event after another.

Interpreter Happy Hour
Freddie's BBQ
Brenna's Graduation
Brenna's Graduation Party
Jenny's Graduation/Cambodia Party
Chinese Garden Tea Party
Rose Garden Trek
Surprise Birthday Party for ME!! (thanks terp crew!)
France Reunion Party at my house

Then mom dropped me off at the airport and away Buddy and I went! Arriving in Alaska, Dad and I headed straight to Providence to visit Lyndsey Heiserman. She is still not doing great but we are still waiting to see if the anti-inflammatory meds will help regulate her colitis. It was good to see Margaret too for a little minute.

My first morning in the USAK, the kiddos piled on my bed and snuggled in...SO FUN!! Then the work began. Kara started baking cakes and I played with the nephew and nieces. Our day looked like this:

Snuggling, French toast, Search for eggs, play in yard, game of Sorry, roast hot dogs in the chimeniah, play nap time in one big bed, SSR, order out pizza, soccer game, pass off the kids to the cousins, bridal shower, visit with friends, back in bed

The next day all the kiddos went with Miss Erin and visited the Zoo...while Kara and I started decorating the "practice cake." The craziness began and didn't stop till 2:30am only to start again at 6am and lucky for us the masterpiece was finished an hour early. Then we had to transport it across town and gravel roads to the wedding on a bluff. Minus on mishap where the cake tried to slide off the board onto my lap we made it safely and the wedding was beautiful, clouds, wind, rain and all.

Today we are granted a bit of sun between clouds and a great morning of friends, kids, coffee and...(oh the house looks like we ignored it for three days while making a wedding cake!)...time to clean!!

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