Monday, November 16, 2009

Them Boots were made for walking...

I had a great weekend: lazy, relaxing, inspiring...I stayed at the Garrett's with Liam while Coleen and Pat went on a mini vacation to McMinville for wining and dining. Gus and Buddy were very entertaining since they are always playing tug of war or wrestling each other to the floor. I caught up with friends online and watched movies and the history channel with Liam; Unfortunately, while we weren't looking, Gus ate my leather shoes and that left me in desperate need for some work shoes. I woke up Sunday morning uninspired to go shopping but my dear Aunt Coleen had just gotten home and was about to put on something a little more comfortable when I suggested a shoe shopping trip...her eyes lit up and her face really? I love shoes! Let's go! So we started out on our little adventure. We stopped at my house to show her the new pad and then headed to the mall. This shoe shopping adventure was a whole new experience for me. Boots are obviously the in thing because first stop was Macy's and I swear they had over 60 kinds to choose from ranging everywhere from $80 to $400. After grabbing some knee socks to purchase and try on boots with, Coleen started picking up boots and carrying them around so I followed suit. Soon we had 6 pairs, and the trying began. The lady measured my foot since I had no clue what size except in European sizes and she didn't know how to translate "40" (size 9.5 btw). One pair was okay but mostly it was a no go. Next stop (Cinnabon) JC Penny's and it was mostly a no go too. Three more stores later I was ready to quit. It was obvious that boots were made for looks and not comfort and I wasn't about to pay an arm and a leg for shoes that are going to hurt. Right before we hit Nordy's, we stopped at Shoe Mill and the gentleman there too me back to when I was a kid and we used to go shopping once a year for THAT pair of shoes. They seat you and ask questions about your feet, put the metal measuring unit under your foot and have you stand up, run to the back to find your size, come back and sit on a stool and unpack the shoes carefully and methodically then gently lift your foot into the shoe and any amount of effort on your part is phoo phooyed. First pair was horrible, second two pair fit like a glove and felt like they were made for me. They had support in the arch and were tall and no heel and I felt like a million bucks in them. I went for the pair that would look better with skirts. Brown riding boots-triumph! I wore them today and I must say I got a lot of looks, "she's got legs" went through more than one mind today. It was a very blustery day but I stayed nice and toasty in my boots and knee socks despite my choice of skirt rather than pants. They do need broken in though, my little pinky toes are complaining tonight but I'm content with my riding boots that were made for walkin'!