Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a bit. I've been busy being lazy. I will catch up I promise. (I tried a bit today and then it got erased before it posted. Bloody blackberry!) Sorry dad no pics as I still haven't found wifi. Monday we went to market Tuesday we stayed home (well half of us did) the others went to Nice and Monico. Wed we went to market again but in La Garde Freiner this time and met a lovely women over olives. She promptly invited us on a tour of the town and her friends "typical french house" and we took her home for dinner and pool time. She then took us to this lookout above the village to watch the sunset and have "sun downs" basically a night cap. Its been lovely, relaxing and down right unbelievable. How can I ever go back to normal life after this! Tomorrow we are headed to the sea. Then Friday staying home and horse back riding. Saturday we have to check out early and head to St. Remy. I will be sad to leave this place. You should have seen Coleen Tawni Mom and Brenna biking through the vinyards this evening. Surreal!

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