Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow on the Beach

Well, I got home from Christmas and still had little work scheduled. No worries, Luanna flew down 5 days later to go to the Ecola Reunion and shop for maternity and baby stuff. Who wants to work when there is shopping to do and sister time to be had?? We had a blast. She had a layover in Portland before continuing to Eugene to pick up the 'rents truck. I took max over to pick her up and we road back to IKEA!! Had dinner at Famous Daves and took her back to the airport. She showed up later the next day and we went to Dan Kelly's gig at some Irish pub in SE. SOOOOO fun!!! I have vidoe of Lu dancing away at 5 months pregnant! Suha came too and thanks to Tawni's persistance we did a little swing dancing, much fun was to be had by all. Radio Giants are actually really good too, so that makes it even more fun!

The next morning Luanna and I drove to the coast. The news had been squawking about a big snow storm for a week. We had Mom and Dad's gigantoid Dodge Ram so we figured it didn't matter either way. It had been snowing in the pass and the 45 minute drive took 3 hours...luckily we made it in time to catch some of Lu's friends before they left to go home. We stayed in Seaside but had a lot of fun hanging out with her dear friends Megan and Joe and their 4 boys and Donnie in Cannon Beach. We were reluctant to head back home as the snow had not let up the entire time we were there. It took only 2 hours to get back but we were met by the family at Andina's my favorite Peruvian Restaurant. Best food, Yummy drinks, Great conversation. I love my family.

Tiffany and Luanna decided to crash at my place for the week instead of driving back and forth to Amity every night. We had a blast, tasting local eateries, shopping for baby clothes and Maternity clothes. Suha cooked us a big turkish meal one night and they went to Multnomah Falls while I worked. (yes I did have a couple of hours I had already dedicated to work.) All in all, I did not really feel BACK in OREGON till Luanna flew off on Friday. Now I'm in the throws of home sickness and the relief of being home. (Not that I'm really sure you can have both at the same time but I do, so there is scientific proof in me!)

maybe it has a little bit to do with these two...


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