Saturday, June 11, 2011


It was a beautiful wedding. The impossible became probable and then miraculously was pulled off. There werw funny moments stressful moments. We had amazing women surrounding us as we pulled out all the stops in every way. I felt beauty all around me and in me. Luanna was stunning and her amazing smile!!! Oh that smile!!! I heard "The Morris's sure know how to throw a party." And "never moss a Morris wedding" more than a couple of times. Yes, i must agree my family (and extended family) know how to throw up a big event. As i sit here with a friend and a premeditated bottle of riesling (i had happened to see the lable and purchase for just this occasion) we talked about what came next.

next: is a statement
next: is a question
next: reminds us that

We always stand at a crossroads,
That we are all poets,
All philosophers,
The makers and keepers of our own dreams,

That we bring wine to our friends
That we might share both
Wine and words together,

Folded into a moment
on the edge of the next...

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