Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy Living Life

Well, I was mentioning how I was behind in my blogging AGAIN and my mom said, "Jen, you are just too busy living life." I know, and I'm loving it, but I do love to write and I do love to relive my adventures on a page of...screen? Anyway...

Last weekend was again pretty darn spite of the rain...I know I keep talking about weekends as if I don't work and have plenty of hair raising stories from that. I do actually and will comment when I have pictures to post with. Unfortunately, Kara and I both forgot our cameras this weekend, even though we were only 10 minuets from home...Again, I am ahead of myself.

Wilson's are planing to go to Valdez. I am planning to go to Chena Hot Springs.

Morris's and Wilson's decide to go to Kennicott Mine, I waffle on my plans and mom starts looking for a motorhome.

We are all cool with going to McCarthy and Kennicott for the weekend.

Mom and Dad find a Motor home.

10am Mom and Dad buy said Motor home. Kara calls and changes her Valdez reservation to Sunday night. I call to reserve a camp site

11am Kara and I start looking for plan "B." Mom and I go pick up RV and she heads to DMV. Office is going up in smoke, fires in Dillingham, Delta, Horse Arena, Middleton Island etc.

12pm Byers Lake (opposite direction of Valdez) Horse Arena Fire OUT

1pm I head to Anchorage. Still no decision. Delta Fire OUT

3pm I head back to Wasilla. Dad says lets do Lake Louise. Dillingham Fire Semi under control

5pm Still no decision.

6pm Kara and I look at each other with pitiful "I really want to go camping" eyes and I throw out Finger lake, she looks at the clock, "now?" "sure, it's ten minutes from home, if we need anything we can run back." Mom says maybe they will join with the new motor home later.

8pm We drive out of the driveway to go grocery shopping.

9pm We set up camp, and start a fire.

10pm All fires are out in the office and mom and dad come over for s'mores in the Mini Cooper instead!!

This is a typical weekend in the Morris house hold. Kara and I never left the camp ground. We ate steak bites and hot dogs and cold cereal the ENTIRE weekend. I kept the fire going and it POURED on us both nights. We woke up to the sound of Buddy lapping up puddles of water inside the tent...tons of it too! Saturday warmed up enough to tempt the kids to go swimming, even though their lips turned blue. Mom and dad brought dessert both nights and then Sunday Wilsons left me by the campfire for Valdez. I made myself some hot tea and knitted till mom joined me, then we broke camp and picked every last current on the property before heading home...

It was a WONDERFUL weekend. No Pictures, sorry :(

Current Sorbet anyone??

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