Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning in February

I will not attempt to reiterate the last two weeks where everything that could go wrong did. I am in a good place now and would like to not relive or dwell on the hell I passed through...somewhere in the world, someone had it worse I'm sure of it. Instead, spring arrived early and with it came a visit from my parents. God's perfect timing. Every morning dad got up and took Buddy for a walk exploring the area, and mom put more and more clothes on. Saturday we went on my trek for the best waffles ever and mostly just enjoyed the sun. I had lots of plans and trashed them all because it was so nice and sunny we spent three days pulling ivy and black berry bushes, burning brush, rearranging flower beds and cleaning up the yard. We hung my lights and now I have a little bit of Italy in my back yard. I really wish it was just as warm! Dad re-vamped my bbq, mom showed me where plants were coming up. There was a pile of brush from last spring and we added just as much to the pile. Being a city I googled the rules for burning in city can't. But you can have a 2'x3' fire in a fire bowl with a fire extinquisher near by, Alaskan-Speak for go ahead! mom and dad got me one for my birthday and dad started chopping up the pile into little pieces and burned almost the entire thing!!! Now I have a beautiful yard to play and entertain in. Garretts and Verheydens and Nana came over Sunday to break it in. We had a fire pit, took walks, bbqed lunch, made home made ice cream, played Apples to Apples and had a grand ol time. Brenna made Uncle Paul an amazing brownie cake decorated with pansies for his birthday. I ignored my phone for 4 days and got a lot of rest and physically worked my body to permanent state of sorness! I'm ready, come what may...


  1. I want to come sit by your fire in your yard, Jen! It sounds beautiful! (Naomi)

  2. It is lovely, I wish I had better pictures but we were using mom's camera! If you come down to visit your parents I will definitely have you ALL over for a fire and bbq. Miss you friend!

  3. What fun wish we could have been there. We so enjoyed our visit with your folks. Weather is warming up in the 80's end of the week. Heading home in 2 weeks.

  4. Aunty Barbie!!! I can't wait for you to get home! I know you'd probably rather stay where it's warm since it can't decide here what season it's going to be next but we miss you SO MUCH!!! I love the pics of mom and dad on your blog (btw update it!!) They had fun stories and it sounds like you two have a pretty sweet setup. Come and visit me soon, my yard is beautiful and the fire bowl is waiting for us to enjoy it, maybe with the sound of Gary and his guitar??? Love you! Jen