Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catching up...on sleep.

Someone mentioned recently that my blog hadn't been updated in a while. It made me think, either I've not had anything particular to say or what there was to say wasn't particularly interesting. A lot has happened since I got home, so much so that my bags are still sitting here where I left them with all their contents spilling out. I have spent the last 48 hours, mostly, in bed. I arrived home ready to go camping but plans fell through. As disappointed as I was there was plenty more to fill my plate. First was the Professional Interpreter Happy Hour held at the Green Dragon. I saw interpreters I hadn't seen in years! (We are really good at hiding.) It was nice to finally have an avenue to socialize outside of our jobs. After that, a group went out dancing at Holocene and Sara dragged me out of bed 4 hours later to go to an all day workshop on Demand Control Schema..see I told you, not very interesting. I wish I could tell you that I spent the weekend camping with this really great new old friend of mine, but instead, and probably better for it, I prepared for my first week at PSU.

Sunday night, though when I was out at the Blue Moon, I got asked to go on my first real date in...never I said sure. Monday was long but I was ready for it. My teammate was blue so Abby and I went out to Prost near my house where we met yet another gentleman who new much about literature and Latin and loved anything German or really anything beer related. He said he'd show me around Portland's greatest pubs if I was so inclined and wrote his email address on a coaster for me.

Tuesday I went on the date with "Blue Moon" after a very long day at PSU. I didn't really think that 4 very technical classes could wind me like that but I was exhausted. He took me to Ringside Steakhouse where first, there is valet parking only and secondly the waiter was a charming gentleman who knew his stuff. The food was AMAZING and afterward he wanted to know if I'd ever been to Portland City Grill. I said no so we went. It's at the top of the US Bank tower and my what a view! The waitress couldn't wait for us to leave, being a Tuesday evening I'm sure she wasn't happy that we stayed till after last call. He dropped me off and poor guy tried to go in for the kiss! I maneuvered it into a hug, then scrambled out of the car...not interested, sorry folks!

Already short on sleep, Wednesday felt really long (and it's my short day!) I could hardly stay awake, but I met up with Sara at 3 to help her shop for Belize. We had such a great time and ended up going to Kells to celebrate what a stellar shopping job we had done and to meet Bill. Sara he's AWESOME!!! Good luck with that ;) We were catching up and just chillin' over a guiness when this guy asked us if we were interested in joining their party. Sara kindly declined after waiting an uncomfortable eternity for me to practice saying "no." Don't worry I got my chance later because they came back to chat after a few minuets. They were very cute construction workers but I had had my fill of interesting meets this week and just wanted to have a good time with my girlfriend before she went traipsing off to Central America. We closed that place down and so arriving home around 1am AGAIN, I got what little sleep was to be had before a repeat of Tuesday.

Thursday, just about did me in, besides the fact that "Blue Moon" came over afterward for a "leftovers" date. Sealed the deal, I can't be interested in the guy if someone paid me. I kicked him out early and was in bed by 8:30pm. I didn't get out of bed till Saturday at 10:30am. Yep, I skipped Friday and stayed in bed for over 36 hours. And only then did I get up because coffee and waffles was calling my name. Buddy and I took a great walk in the mist to US Bank, then to the coffee shop, then to the waffle shop and home. Then later walked in the pouring rain to this amazing store that is like being back in Europe. Prosciutto, Comte, Puttanesca, vino, brick oven bread, fresh noodles, I was in heaven. I will have to write about all the amazing little shops that are right around the corner from me...when I wake up tomorrow.

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