Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cinque Terre

This morning I had to say goodbye to Jacquie, it was sad to see my friend go. We have had such a great time and this last place was stellar above and beyond my wildest dreams. I don't think any camera can catch the rhythm of this place. I'm sitting here in an internet cafe, reveling in typing on a real computer instead of my blackberry, trying to figure out what to do next. Roma is the obvious choice but I'm so ready to crash by the sea and never leave it, it's hard to focus. (I will tell you about Cinque Terre, don't worry!) It's really hard to find words right now...even though it's easier to type!

Note to self:
Directions to Roma Hostel
From Termini train station you just have to take the metro direction BATTISTINI (Linea A) and get off at CORNELIA station;follow the exit signs direction 'Piazza Irnerio' and then follow the signs for 'Via Aurelia'. Once you are outside the metro you can see in front of you some bus stops next to a Mcdonalds; from there you can catch bus # 246 and get off in front of the camping village.The bus stops in front of a supermarket, please use the footbridge to cross the road to the camping village.

Please ignore, I don't want to pay for printing it :)
Okay, gotta go, will catch you up from my black berry on the train to Siena or Roma!


  1. helloooo jen...its been 5 days!! where are you?! moms worried, you better write/or txt/or call :D luv you! Magpie

  2. btw...this all sounds incredible and i'm very jealous...i have been keeping up and just found out how to comment :)

  3. Jen love following you, but a little worried - Gary thinks you lost your phone LOL. Praying for your safety and good adventure Love Barbie

  4. Hello everybody,

    I love to see how many people loves Cinque terre!
    If you want to check the best pictures ever check my mashup